Hello again llamas,

I know it’s been two weeks since my last video, I am so sorry I am doing most of the shooting, planning and editing alone, so please try to understand….I really wanted to get this video up before summer is officially over, I want to hang onto to it a little longer. I know some of you might hate the hot weather, but I personally prefer the warmer and sunny days.

Any who’s, I finally got around to doing a summer look book! For those of you that don’t know this is my favorite season, because no heavy coats or jackets, just nice light and airy clothing 🙂

I hope you like this video, a lot of the clothes I am wearing is all listed in video itself and once again it’s a more of a visual video with music.

The theme I was going for was peace and tranquil moments. Summer to me is a time when things are more vibrant, refreshing and warm, it’s the moments you want to walk outside and go out for swim, picnic, beach etc. Let’s take the time to appreciate mother nature at her calmest. I know this is also the time of freedom before school rolls in or going back to work, so take this moment to dress up and enjoy the sunny weather, especially in NY where I feel we have more cold weather than warm, oi!

Some of these pieces are new, but some I’ve had already that I consider essential pieces for casual everyday looks, so maybe you have some of these in your closet already and can choose a similar style to go out.

Here I’ll be listing the outfits again and how I named them in the video. Just in case you missed some, I am sorry if no links are provided, I got these clothes a little towards the beginning of June, so just check out the stores if you’d like to get the same exact items I have, but like I said you might own some of these already.

Summer outfits in order

🌸Timeless Beauty🌸
Outfit #1
Polkadot Dress- Express Store from NJ Mills Garden Outlet Mall- Jersey Gardens
Shoes- Coach- Pricilla Heel
Bow Choker- Charming Charlie- Staten Island Mall
Purse- Kate Spade- Express Store from NJ Mills Garden Outlet Mall- Jersey Gardens

🌸Outfit #2🌸
Hat- H&M
White Off-Shoulder Top- Macy’s online store
Skirt- Gift from my grandma- Forever 21 in Michigan (I don’t know if it’s still available, but any patterned skirt would do)
Shoes- Open toed booties- Fergie- TJ Maxx
Bow Choker- Charming Charlie- Staten Island Mall

🌸Casual Chic🌸
🌸Outfit #3🌸
Chiffon Collar blouse- H&M Stores
White Crop Top- Hollister
Ripped Denim- Hollister
Gold Sandals- Bakers.com

🌸Outfit #4🌸
Hat- H&M
Crisscross top- Hollister (got this on a sale in their website)
Patterend Leggings- Amazon.com- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012NG9N74/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Gold Sandals- Bakers.com

Amethyst Necklace- Etsy.com
Zodiac Necklace- it was a gift from Banana Republic
Gold Bracelets- Got these on one of my cruise trips from Carnival Cruise

🌸Romantic Casual🌸
Outfit #5
Floral Off-Shoulder Top- Macy’s Online Store
White Shorts- Were hand-me downs, but the store they were from is called Jolt, however any white pair of shorts or jeans you own would look good with a similar top
Gold Sandals- Bakers.com

*Disclaimer* I am not sponsored for any of these items, I either already owned them or brought them myself with my own money.

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