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About Abby Pollock:

Abby Pollock is a 23-year-old fitness lover living in Toronto, Canada. Pollock is a Mechanical Engineer that has created a successful business off of her love for fitness. Changing people’s lives daily and implying combative workouts and meal plans to achieve their weight goals. squat workout

25 thoughts on “7 Exercises for WIDER Hips | How to Fix Your Hip Dips | Abby Pollock

  1. You are like my angel of exercise! Almost every video of yours focuses on exactly what I want to improve on myself. Ever since I gained a bunch of weight for the first time in my life, I've been looking for ways to fix it and you've nailed it! Thank you so much!

  2. I used to love those lateral band walks the physical therapists would have me do to gain strength….until it popped my tailbone out of place. Talk about some RIDICULOUS pain!!! I had to have it manually "popped" back in by a specialist. (Found out this only happens to like 0.05% of people…..figures LOL) Ever since then, I've been afraid of them.

  3. Thank you! Helped so much! I love the fact that you lean forward on the abduction machine!! I always felt like having the need to do that when i am on there, but thought you have to use the grab handles at the side?! Which feel hopeless!! Thanks again!

  4. I always thought it was from wearing too tight of jeans when I was younger. The line is right where the jeans squeezed the most so although the scientific reason is probably mostly to blame, I still believe my jeans were to blame as well..

  5. wow you have hear a great channel! I personally do bodybuliding as a guy but recommended your channel to my girlfriend who got into training. Your vids have a great balance between information, proof all while reassuring people who may feel self conscience about their body. A perfect balance between the "all bodies are beautiful" and the "do some squats you little bitch!". really good videos!

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