Here are all of the Dance Moms girls (that I know of) and their boyfriends!

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Q: Well, if your name is DANCE MOMS News, then why do you post news on Bratayley?
A: When I first created this channel, I posted a video on Bratayley, and I got many comments telling me to make news on both Bratayley & Dance Moms because it’ll be more entertaining, so here I am!
Q: Then why don’t you change your name to BratayleyNews or DancetayleyNews?
A: People usually know me by my current channel name, so changing it would just make things difficult! I don’t think i’ll be changing it anytime soon…
Did you ever think about this?: Dance = (Dance Moms) Moms = (Annie and Hayley have a mom) = DANCEMOMSNEWS! haha

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25 thoughts on “All Dance Moms Girls & Their Boyfriends (2018)

  1. I just realised something! If you swap the first letter of your first name with the first letter of your surname then Nick Kelley would be kick Nelley and Jack Kelly would be kack jelly ! Such fun!

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