There’s an ounce of truth in all of these, but the bigger truth is out there.

Bows featured:

Mandarin Duck Phantom
Mandarin Duck Traditional Short Bow
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30 thoughts on “Archery | 10 Assumptions About Archery (That Aren’t Quite Right)

  1. Nusensei, a guy that develops his muscles good and has a big Bizeps has often a stronger back 🙂 pulling requires always Bizeps and back.

  2. why are the wipers up on the car that seems to be in a garage? usually we do that when we know its going to snow…

  3. Couple if great quotes.
    "archery is easy to learn,
    Difficult to master."

    "The human body, surprisingly, is well designed not to die"

    I like these two in particular

  4. You can have great penetration or great wounding potential, never both. Arrowhead like toxic will cause massive bleeding if they penetrate but any armour is likely to stop it on the other hand nail like arrowhead can go through mail but will cause way less bleeding

  5. I disagree that arrows are not deadly. Ive killed deer, bear, and small game with arrows. They died from the arrow, not infection or anything else ( and they die pretty fast with a well placed shot ). If arrows can kill bear and deer ( which they do all the time ) they can kill a man even easier.

  6. All bows are machines, even the simplest stick and string. According to Mirriam-Webster a machine is "an assemblage of parts that transmit forces, motion, and energy one to another in a predetermined manner."

  7. I attended a match a few years ago where the oldest competitor was 97, on the flip side my local club has kids as young as 6 or 7 competing, and importantly having fun in a safe environment.

  8. Infection was actually also what killed most people being shot by musket balls, like back in the 18th century, rather than the musket shot hit itself.

  9. I use a whisker biscuit for my martin panther 40 lb recurve bow. I don’t think spine would be much of a problem for my accuracy. Is there anything you can say about this Nu sensei?

  10. Wait, what are you talking about? You mean a compound bow isn't an automated turret that nails a squirrel in the eye at 1000 meters? My whole worldview just imploded.

  11. When Nu is talking about heavy draw weight he often refers to weights like 50, 60 and 70 lbs.
    When I think of heavy draw weight numbers like 36, 38 and 40 lbs come to my mind.
    I shoot for about 14 months, started at 30, went to 34 and arrived at 38 lbs which lead to a significant drop of precision and quite sore muscles after a 2 hours session shooting 90 to 100 arrows.
    At most consistantly drawing through the clicker and the exact same anchor point are troublesome at 38 lbs for now.

  12. Man, i've always had a thing for archery, but i never actually got into it (just got some shots in a couple of different occasions in summer villages).
    Suddenly, youtube decided to suggest me one of your videos, and since then i've binge watched another dozen of your video. And nothing, now i'm really wanting to seriously start doing archery.
    I really like the way you explain things: simple, fast, and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

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