At the Royal Ascot Horse Races, horses ran, hats raced.

The Royal Ascot Horse Racing, which has been held for 300 years in the UK, brings great voice every year. Officially, the eyes are on the horses of women who actually come to watch all the races of interest, even though they are on horse races.

Royal Ascot Horse Races held every year since 1711 yesterday England Queen II. It took place with the participation of Elizabeth. At the event held in the Ascot Hippodrome in Berkshire in the south east of the country, the men were attracted by the frag that they wore, while the women’s boots sat on the agenda of the race. It is not enough to describe what they have placed in their heads to watch a hat-waving race. Of course, interesting bets are emerging in horse races south of England. But none of them is as big as the interest these hats have created.


Queen II. No wonder women are trying to draw attention with fancy hats in an environment where Elizabeth is regarded as the “Queen of the Hats”. Whether you are associated with an Indian culture or devoted to a chicken, the important thing is to draw attention to it. Still, the choice of clothes depends on strict rules. Starting in 2013, the “fashion policeman” who is starting to patrol is checking that women wear shoulders on closed shoulders and men wear ties. The 300th anniversary of the Royal Ascot Horse Races weekend was the slogan of the dress “The power of the flower”.

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