Can a man wear women’s clothing? What do you think? Let me know in the comments! – Click here to read the article – Can Men Wear Women’s Clothing

Video Summary:
1:02 – The Trench Coat
2:02 – Makeup
2:51 – Nail Polish
3:31 – Scarves
4:13 – Sunglasses
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25 thoughts on “Can A Man Wear Women’s Clothes? Seriously… 6 Piece Made For The Ladies You Can Wear!

  1. some tee-shirt look and wear so much more comfortable.. some Oxford shirts, same thing. sneakers, all can be worn and no one really can tell or be wiser of. But , I disagree, it's cross-dressing. You keep saying it's not, but it is, just on a very minimal scale. It's gender-bending. But I don't mind or care. If you like it, wear it

  2. I often wear tinted lip balm, the one I use now “Nivea fruity shine” is actually designated as unisex. As I’ve dark lips there’s no real difference in appearance and applies smoother than more expensive brands like Nutrogena.

  3. Me and my wife didn't have jumpers on when we were at a theme park. It got very cold so we decided to get a goody for the rest of the day and by it at the shop in the park. I picked up one and wore it for the rest of the day. What I didn't realise was it was a girls one. As you said no one was the wiser including myself.

  4. The weather was getting cold when me and my wife were at a theme park and we didn't have jumpers on so we got a hoody from the shop and wore them for the rest of the day. No one including my self realised it was a female one.

  5. My favorite shirt is a woman’s floral blouse. I got it at a thrift shop for $1. I always get compliments when I wear it and nobody really knows it’s a chicks blouse.

  6. I've been wearing a girl black coat for a couple of seasons already, sure the buttons on the wrong side, but nobody noticed yet, except my mom, but she doesn't care as it looks very elegant on me!! (I have removed old girl buttons and replaces them with black masculine ones).

  7. I'm sure I'll be excoriated for this but what the hell. I will often look for women's jeans at thrift stores. If I can find a pair that fits well without all the funky designs on the back pockets, I'll grab them. I wear them all the time and no one seems to know the difference other than my wife. Often times their cheaper than men's jeans and they feel better because usually the material is much softer. With the exception of the zipper being a little shorter, you'd never know, unless you see the tag maybe. But that's easily fixed.

  8. Funny, was just the other day looking into the bad tasting polish to break myself of the nail biting habit….and now I see Antonio talking about it. Spent good money on a manicure kit,..but so far haven't been able to break the bite habit. Hope the polish will help. BTW, I see you just went over 1.6M. Congrats, Antonio!

  9. Or, you know, considering it wasn't socially acceptable for women to wear pants and shorts 80 years ago, and now it is due to them just making it so and not thinking they're less of women for doing so, men could do the same. There's no "under certain circumstances a guy can…" or "I'm not saying wear these type, but the "manly" looking…". Any guy can wear any article of clothing he wants. As long as it fits him, expresses himself in a way he prefers, keeps him warm/cool, then he can wear anything. He can wear the same amount of makeup that women wear. He can wear any purse he wants (should at least try to make it match outfit). If you seriously let a small sign in clothing stores that say "Women" dictate which articles of cloth you wear for your entire life, that's kind of pathetic. Especially when "mens" clothes you see are adapted into the women's section monthly, yet men apparently are too stuck up to expand their wardrobe.

  10. I've worn women's blazers with otherwise-masculine outfits, and I've gone even further on the feminine side when experimenting with "non-binary" attire. I take the perspective that clothes are clothes and don't really see gender in it, even for obviously-feminine things like dresses and skirts… although I would definitely advise that somebody make an effort to look feminine on the grooming end of things when wearing highly feminine attire.

  11. Or you could just wear ANY TYPE of clothing you want regardless of gender. Clothing doesn't have any gender (it's inanimate objects). Being a man or woman has nothing to do by what you wear. YOU have to be confident and do what makes you happy regulardless of what others say, and that's what makes you a REAL man or woman.

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