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~Simple House Slippers by Simone A
Men’s 10.5-11
Ístex Álafoss Lopi
Square Washcloth by Stacey Trock
Teal Swirl Crochet Dishcloth by Heidi Wells
Easy Peasy Washcloth by Marie Biswell
~Regia Seasonal
OMG heel by Megan Williams
9407 Tannebaum color
~Rye Socks (forgot to show but did finish)
Patons Classic Wool & BL Tuffy

~Scrappy Granny Stripes
Attic 24 Recipe
CO 219, Its way wider than it was supposed to be
Using my acrylic scraps and holding them double. One strand is neutrals and the other is colors. When one runs out I just magic knot a new skein on.
~i heart rainbows sweater part 2
Knit Picks Chroma in Superhero and Lady Galt Navy
~Christmas Eve Cast On
12 days of Christmas by BCY, 60 sts, 2.25mm
Probably afterthought heel, colour?
~Kinda Magic Socks
Kit sent by Wool and the Gang
KAL happening in January
Playing with gauge, appears to have not worked haha

WIP Shaming
~Sample Knit
~Reunion Cushion
~Skirt in the Round
~All the Blankets!
Coziest Memories
Weekender Blanket
Granny Square Bulky
Charity Granny Square

~Gathered weiner dog skirt
~Pj pants
~Men’s Shirt
Melly Sews Tutorial

Spring Sockyarn Stashdown!!
Teaming up with Wet Coast Wools, FOs in my group, chatter in their group

Knit fingering weight items
WIPS allowed, More details in forum
Runs January 8-May 31, 2018

Sock episode next weekend!

24 thoughts on “Coffee & Craft Podcast: Now with Better Sound and Fading Light

  1. Yay for Sock Extravagaaanza! I'm currently doing Husband Schematic Socks – basically a vanilla pair with a FLK heel, to use up all the yarn in a skein and see exactly what I can eke out for a pair for him. I'm doing it TAAT toe-up and it's taking… forever. Really forever. I think I'll end up with a few entries in your KAL: I also do the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup(!) and I'm doing a sock-related OWL. Also, Sock Madness. And… yeah. Sock time. >_>

  2. YEs, to starting gifts now! For I too worked late on gifts and still didn't finish them all in time. I'm working on a pair of socks now with that in mind.

  3. Perfect KAL. I just started a pair of socks this weekend and I Deep stash dove for the yarn. I want to get using all my sock yarn that has been hanging around for a few years. I am a three WIP at a time girl. Get too panicky when I have more. 😁

  4. Love the WIP shaming and the WIP goals! I did a little bit of tidying up WIPs the end of 2017 and now I'm burned out on it, but I'm trying to stay more conscious about how many projects I have going on. Looking forward to the SOCK EXTRAVAGANZA! I'm still trying to figure out how to get my socks to fit. I think the really answer is go down to US00 or US000 but I'm in denile!

  5. Happy New Year! It would be great if you included in your sock bash episode the different ways to do heels with double points or magic loop!! That would be great!! Enjoy your week!! Love your little sweaters by tin can knits!!

  6. Novice sock knitter here, having challenges with calf shaping. Made up my own method, but don't know if it's the best that can be done. Sadly, it changes my striped foot sock into a color pooling calf 😒. Anything you can suggest?

  7. It's so fun to see wips. Thanks for sharing! Sock extravaganza sounds awesome! I've made maybe 10 pairs total and I love to hear different methods. Specifically, I've noticed my socks are tight across the front of my ankle with a short row or afterthought heel, so I'm experimenting with doing it differently, adding more rows or extra stitches right there.

  8. Bernadette dear, all the ums! =P Great episode though. The sound is quality is fantastic too! Hope you're having a great New Year!

  9. Happy New year! I say yaaaaaay for the ssskal as I am currently trying to reduce the hugeness of my stash!I have a question for you. I'm French and in France we don't have crocheted or knitted dishcloths. What do you use them for? Cleaning dishes? Drying them up? Help me please, for this is a real mystery to me! 😁

  10. Happy New Year!🎊🎈🎆
    Did I miss something are you together with Wet Coast Wool? If not I'm confused. Either way I'm still watching but I'm not sure 🤔 what happened???
    Please clarify for me.
    Happy New Year!

  11. LOVE DOBBY !!!!  I actually love everything you shared today ! I really learn a lot listening to you, I am a beginner level knitter but dream of doing a pair of socks. Haven't tried yet. You inspire me, thank you.

  12. I do have a two requests for the Sock Extravaganza….1) Can you quickly go over yarn weights..i.e. "fingering weight" etc..And what works best (what you use) for it. And 2) What is the best ribbing pattern you use so they don't stretch out?  Thank you.

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