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Dear White People | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

42 thoughts on “Dear White People | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

  1. @everyone who's losing their shit over a thirty second trailer of a woman calmly saying that black-face is not okay: you're the type of person who should watch this show. It's not there to shit on white people. It's not even about white people – it's about racism, identity, and a problematic society. It's ridiculous how many people slammed the dislike button.

  2. Dear Netflix, thank you! You helped me discover Hulu almost a year ago now! and I love it!! Your Dear white people show title and trailer made me feel very unwelcomed by you and made me sad.

  3. Watch it all the way till the end. It’s actually not that bad. Some things I don’t agree with, but they also end up taking consideration for the white guy who helps them.

  4. oh, I see. as long as it's a race that hasn't been subject to racism in the past, it's ok to do so now? Perhaps you meant this to speak out against racism AGAINST blacks? Either way, it portrays the situation terribly.

  5. Well now I'm insubing my subscription you racist fuck whits ahh dear white people oh yeah your so rich and privileged u deserve to die so we made a racist show on you enjoy crackers honestly fakin racist fuck you kkk black looking ass be mean to my race I'll fuck you up bitch

  6. It’s just a color! A fucking color! Light hitting an object that absorbs certain wave lengths. Why the hell do we have to make such a big deal about it? It’s destroying the world. Just stop making such a big deal about it!

  7. Hey netflix 50k likes to almost a half a million dislikes. Maybe take the hint white people pay for netflix and most of us dont wanna see this racist crap. The numbers dont lie hopefully you wise up and get rid of this show before you lose all your white audience minus a few self loathing whites who would actually watch this garbage. Tell you what you make a show about how blacks are more likely to commit crime and more likely to not have a job and more likely to not have a father in the home and more likely to live in welfare and more likely to commit murder i got a great name for it call it "Dear Black people" stop doing dum shit and pull your pants up.

  8. Dear black people. You made me more racist by creating and supporting a show called dear white people. Counter productive much? I think so

  9. Dear black people I hate your very existence almost as much as the cuck fucking White people that kiss your shaved red asses please god let there be a black people plague and wipe them all off the face of the earth

  10. Fuck you OK?!? Fuck you!!! NETFLIX go and fuck yourself and tell your CEO to jump off a cliff you fat ass whore bitch!!

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