Hills Hats and NZ Story Group invite you into the Hatmosphere.
Take a look at the design and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of a Hills hat…

Established in 1875, Hills Hats is proudly based in Wellington, New Zealand.
Diversity in regards to hat manufacturing methods allows Hills Hats to cover the entire spectrum of Uniform, Men’s Fashion, Ladies Fashion and Technical.
Hills Hats represents a collision of traditional manufacturing methods with a contemporary twist.
With a strong focus on quality New Zealand made products, Hills Hats exports to specialist hat stores all over the world. This includes the likes of Australia, Japan and the United States.

Hills Hats Ltd
New Zealand Story Group

Sarah Hunter
Cine Timore
Hamish McCormick
Mike Potton
Thomas Voyce
Angela Boyd
Daria Malesic
Erolia Ifopo
Dobie Blaze
Gemma Reynolds
Chris Norris
New Zealand Luxury Group
Market Leverage

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