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What spurs the imagination of a toddler or preschool age child? What type of ‘props’ should parents provide to encourage make-believe even further than what kids will do naturally? Here are just a few ideas:

Dress-Up – hats, jewelry, scarves, shoes, dresses and shirts, purses or backpacks

Kitchen – lots of plastic bowls with lids, kid size broom/mop/dustpan, towels, spoons, measuring cups, pots and pans with lids

Family – blankets, pillow, both male and female baby dolls, old or toy cell phones, boxes of various sizes for baby beds

House – kid size table, cardboard boxes to serve as appliances, furniture or TV, full-length mirror

Playing make-believe encourages little children to play together, and is perfect for play groups and for helping shy children overcome anxiety. Little children have boundless ideas for creative play, but love it when parents or caregivers take part in the activity. Many times, imaginative play can help parents realize that their child is fearful or worried about something in particular. Helping them talk about their fears through make-believe will often lessen the child’s stress and bring you closer to your child.

Encourage your child’s imagination through make-believe with simple and inexpensive toys and props. Your refrigerator box may fall apart, but the fun of building it will last forever.

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