If you don’t want to listen to me read the statement from the Pensacola Women’s March, my commentary begins after 3:08.

Women of Pensacola: DO NOT boycott the march!! Show up, wear whatever you want, do not allow this nonsense to derail public gatherings!!!

Here’s a tip, Pensacola Women’s March: Don’t be ridiculous.

I use the terms “Women of Color” and “Black women” interchangeably, but it has been my experience that black women have been more victimized (?) by … have more experience (?) with this trend.

When searching for a photo of the hat, I noticed that many women DO make their own hats. PLEASE follow their lead and do not buy a hat, make your own, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of DIY Pussy Hat ideas online.

THIS WOMAN DOES NOT NECESSARILY SHARE MY VIEWS!! But I used her photo in my video (FAIR USE). The pattern for her hat is in the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/knitting/comments/5mex8e/fo_pussy_hat_pattern_in_comments/

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