The AM with Amy is a series of chit-chat Get Ready with Me videos, where we’ve talked about insecurities/plastic surgery, being unmotivated, and currently:

why I love to fangirl and why you should too.

The AM with Amy: Podcasts you need to listen to

Optimal Living Daily where he gave me a shout-out!!

Tavi’s lecture on fangirling:

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42 thoughts on “Perpetually Fangirling | The AM with Amy

  1. Omg Amy, I freaken love your videos so much!💕 Everytime I watch one of your videos I'm continuously being enlightened and enriched with new knowledge about the world around me and about myself. Thank you so much for your beautiful, honest, and genuine content! ❤

  2. it's great that the internet especially youtube and instagram has exposed us to a badass collective of females who inspire and educate, i love fangirling, we definitely need to embrace it more! i met my best friend the second day of university when i fangirled over her whimsical positivity and 9 years later, the fangirl aspect i have towards her is stronger than ever!

  3. Amy, I've really been loving this segment of your channel. You talk about things I, and others, can really relate too. I've been feeling low and depressed lately but watching your videos has really helped me reevaluate my thoughts and feel better. And girl, I WOULD TOTALLY FAN GIRL FOR YOU!

  4. Fangirling is so important especially to empower each other and connect with likeminded people! I definitely can relate to not feeling like it was cool to fangirl over people but it feels so much better when you get past that and can just be honest about your passions.

  5. My name is Amy Lee also and I’m such a fan girl also! Love your inspirations will definitely keep watching your channel!

  6. i love that i fangirled at your video some time ago and that made us to talk! this shit is reaaal people haha show love to who you love! i know that you probably dont see me as a friend as well but i cant help but feel like your my friends haha :') 💛

  7. I love Quibe as well!!! My first society6 purchase is from him! 🙂 Also, I feel that not a lot of fangirling is publicized because it is seen as a young/immature thing to do. Like people look down on you if you're hella hyped and enthusiastic about the thing you love, like just chill because it's just things, or they're just like a person like you and I, but that's just it…you fangirl because it's/they're relatable. Thank you for your mornings! Keep at it! 🙂

  8. Speaking of fangirls, I've gotta be honest and say that I'm a huge fan of yours Amy!!! I've been watching your channel for a longgg time and you always inspire me and bring up topics that are super relevant! I've always seen being a fangirl as a negative thing too, but at the same time I have admired people who were true to themselves and expressed their interests genuinely. I think I need to take your advise and be more open about myself and what sparks my fire haha thank you Amy for always being honest and awesome!!!

  9. I've always loved you and your videos since waayy back then Amy but this series is just sooo soooo good love u n thank u so much for this💕😭😍😘

  10. Speaking of fangirling….I have grown to love the AM with Amy! I am all about fangirling especially when it comes to people I love like my friends and family. I loved every aspect of this video and will be sharing because it describes the way I feel about loving and supporting my favorite things so well. This also video really reminded me that I extend my fangirling to all my favorite influencers and creators. Whether or not it gets acknowledged, I want you to know that what you are creating and doing here leaves a lasting impact on me. Will be back to show ya some love soon! <3

  11. I love this so much. I actually learned to fan girl more from Peter hahah I always admired the way he put himself in a lower position to praise and lift other people up. He always sets his pride aside to tell the person he admires them and loves their work. More often than not he makes a new friend. haha This is something not a lot of people talk about in our industry so thank you for bringing it some light! People are so scared to make themselves look bad or possibly scare the other person off. There's a respectable way to fan girl that wont freak people out. Fan girling doesn't have to equal screaming. 😛

  12. What if you fan out and the person you thought was super nice is actually not as nice as you thought they were? It happened to me meeting a Youtuber and it was the saddest thing totally not how I️ thought she was. I️ can’t look at her the same anymore. Can’t say who it is but I️ can already tell you she’s not in your Youtube gang- obviously for a reason. You seen so sweet and I’ve met JennIm 2x she is the sweetest person ever I️ can see how you guys are friends! I️ hope to meet you one day Amy ❤️

  13. Hey Amy ! I agree with what you're saying but I also think that the fact that you own a youtube channel helps you in making new friends even though you think you are fangirling, they see you as a peer, not so much a enthousiatic subscriber.

  14. This was the perfect video for me to come across. I've been reflecting on my fangirl levels lately and questioning if I'm annoying or not because of it loooolll. Thank you for this, new subscriber!

  15. seriously so inspired by these segments, Amy. I'm considering starting something similar on my channel because I really want to share this positivity and I've been going through a lot of similar situations lately. I am literally in love with how eloquent you are and I'd love to just chat with you irl, someday. You're amazing!

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