perfect place to shop for youngsters. B1 to 3 is more than enough to shop for ladies. wide selection of clothes ranging from casual to formal, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, hats, sunglasses, bags, shoes and others. visited this place for 3 days, each with different duration, of course.
Platinum is the place to go for great bargain clothings and accessories. They have almost everything from Thai local makeup brand to fidget spinners. You need to at least spend 1 full day here as it has thousands of shops to see. The kids clothings are of high quality and dont forget to ask for a wholesale price if you buy multiple pieces as it makes quite a big difference. What a Shopping heaven. Very comfy with full aircon. They have a nice foodcourt at the top floor with great selection of food too and the mango salad is one of the best i have ever tried.
We looked for many reviewed and looked at few malls MBK, Indra and a few more and in my view Platinum is the most balanced one.

– MBK is also unbranded but little more chosen items with bit higher price. upper floors of MBK are cheap. Not as many shops
– Indra is full of cheap shopping.
– Platinum is balanced and has average shopping of all kinds

– leather Bags
– Bags
– Jewelry – One entire floor is of artificial jewelry starting at 100 THB,
– Very reasonably priced ( of course after negotiations)

In our view Platinum fashion has the most options to buy, most reasonable pricing and has a great food court on the top floor.

Please watch: “jj green night market – Bangkok chatuchak”

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