During the changing of the Queen’s Guard a Coldstream Guard makes a small boy’s birthday wish come true.

Soldier-mad Marshall Scott donned his very own uniform for a birthday treat.

His mum, Imogen Scott, was taking him to see the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle.

Please watch: “First Changing Of Queen’s Guard By Royal Navy Buckingham Palace”


27 thoughts on “Queen’s Guard Makes Little Boy’s Birthday Wish Come True!

  1. The most amazing about this video is the fact that little boy show more respect to the guardsmen than fully grown adults most of the time. I'm from Sweden and people are fucking horrible to the kings guard. They taunt them and laugh at them when they tell those fuckers to back off. It is'nt that smart to taunt a person with a weapon that have advanced military training is it? They're people doing their bloody jobs not zoo animals! By the way I hate zoos aswell. Such a cruel place to lock someone up in! Humans are evil!

  2. The kid shows respect for the Queens guard even when getting his photo took by not standing too close, and was repayed with equal respect

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