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Content by: Polygoon-Profilti (producent) / Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (beheerder)


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Publication Date: 1 January 1922

Description: Newsreels in which Dutch subjects of a particular week are presented.

Description (more): Various competitions on Duindigt. Efforts by horse for sulky 10 “. Div. Sulky training; stand and buildings Duindigt on background 31 “. CU man with hat in public 10 “. Start match with Sulky 13 “. Overview grass course with onrushing Sulky, some helpers on top 25 “. CU jockey with pet 5 “5”. Man with bowler hat writes on scoreboard 11 “. Medium shot four men in fashionable clothes 9 “. Horses and jockeys come field on for race 22 “. Hoogshot public along the track, passing horses 16 “. Two smiling ladies with hats from the audience 12 “. CU man with Hat, gloves and binoculars 10 “.
Note: the public is elitist and fashionably dressed.

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