They’ve lost their royal support! Bra-fitter to the Queen Rigby & Peller is stripped of title as official supplier after founder’s tell-all memoir about palace fittings.

The upmarket underwear company that supplied
lingerie to the Queen has had
its warrant scrapped after a tell-all
book gave details of royal fittings.

Rigby & Peller held the royal
warrant for 57 years, but was
stripped of support when June Kenton,
who transformed it into a world-leading
retailer, wrote a book about her

The 82-year-old stayed on the firm’s
board and continued to fit the
Queen’s bras at Buckingham Palace even
when Belgian company Van de Velde
bought her majority stake in 2011.

Her professional relationship with Queen Elizabeth
II came to an end shortly
after her book – title Storm
in a D-Cup – was published
in March 2016, according to the
Daily Express.

Mrs Kenton bought Rigby & Peller
with her husband in 1982, paying
£20,000, but sold her stake for
£8million 29 years later.

It was revealed on Tuesday her
company lost the royal warrant that
it had held since 1960 because
she wrote about fitting the Queen,
detailing she was half-dressed at the

She also offered intimate details about
fittings with Princess Diana, the Queen
Mother and Princess Margaret.

Rigby & Peller’s houshold status was
achieved by supplying lingerie not just
for every day use, but for
comedy performances and music videos too.

Here are some of their most
famous clients:

Lady Gaga

Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett

Benny Hill

Dick Emery

Gwyneth Paltrow

Scarlett Johansson

Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Diana

Queen Mother

Princess Margaret Countess of Snowdon

Mrs Kenton dubbed herself ’the UK’s
leading boobologist’ in a bid to
promote the book, adding that ’even
the grandest ladies need to be
well-supported’ and describing the first time
she fitted the 91-year-old monarch.

She also revealed the Queen Mother told
her that Princess Margaret enjoyed interfering
in her choice of hats, but
that she always managed to get
her own way.

’Shall I tell you what I
do?’ the Queen Mother asked Mrs
Kenton. ’I pretend to listen to
Margaret and then, once she has
gone, I order what I want.’

In interviews Mrs Kenton revealed that
Diana not only came for fittings,
but ordered swimsuits designed in Israel
and accepted posters showing models in
lingerie and swimwear for princes William
and Harry to display in their
Eton studies.

Russell Tanguay, director of warrants at
the Royal Warrant Holders Association, confirmed
yesterday that the Knightsbridge-based retailer had
lost its warrant.

Mr Tanguay said companies are granted
a window in which to remove the
royal coat of arms, which is
earned when a firm has supplied
the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh,
or Prince Charles for five out
of the last seven years.

The royal coat of arms must
be removed from any promotional material
and shop signs.

Mrs Kenton and her company have
has also served Margaret Thatcher and
Joan Collins.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said:
’In respect of royal warrants, we
never comment.’

Rigby & Peller bras can cost
more than £100, with briefs almost
as expensive.

Rigby & Peller was founded in
1939 on South Molton Street in
London’s West End.

Its founders were corsetieres Gita Peller
and Bertha Rigby.

Gita was a Jewish refugee who
had fled Hungary and Bertha was
the one to take her in
after she arrived in Britain.

By 1960, Rigby & Peller had
started supplying bras to the Queen.

In 1982, June Kenton and her
husband Harold bought the business for

The couple cut their teeth trading
from an open-fronted shop in B
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