My top 3 motorcycle jackets for petite women!

1. REV’IT Xena (updated version is Xena 2)
2. Dainese Mike (
3. Alpinestars Renee
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Featured Riders:
Jimmy –
Bike – 2015 Triumph Street Triple R

Helmet – Arai Quantum X

Camera – GoPro Hero 3 & 4

Bluetooth & Audio Pack – Sena

Leather jacket, pants & gloves – REV’IT!

11 thoughts on “Top 3 Motorcycle Jackets for Petite Women

  1. Whatup Annette first of all hope you had a great Christmas 🎄 and a happy new year 👍🏻 secondly you could wear a bin bag with a spinal proctor and rock it 💯 🤣 I can't speak for the female riders obviously but I'm strictly a Dainese man myself ive two one pieces the Laguna seca and the crono but when I want to ride casually I wear my Dainese air frame textile jacket which is great 👍🏻 but i brought some Bull it SR6 cargo pants last summer there absolutely awesome not sure if you have ever heard of them but they look great and have protection in place to check them out they do ladies cargo pants too!! Great video 👍🏻Adam 🇬🇧

  2. ☝️🎃 Well, nice to see you actually have a big healthy rack 👍🎃 Because the ♥️ of my life for 23 years is stacked in the chest as well and Ive been shopping for an armored jacket for her. ☝️🎃 Trying to find one to match her new Sedici helmet actually. Trying to find one for her that wont feel like shes going through a mammogram every time she zips it up. 🤘😜 Thanks a ton for the video rider!! See ya in the twisties.

  3. Had a really hard time finding a jacket for my girlfriend. She's petite also. We tried on jackets all over Los Angeles County. Then we were out in Temecula/Murrieta looking at houses and i was going to get a new bike so we stopped by Temecula Motorsports and they had a jacket that fit he perfectly and she just loved it. Didn't pick it up because i thought we would be able to find it on-line. Well i was wrong so had to make the trip back to Temecula the jacket she got was an ICON Hella…….

  4. Hey Annette, I've been enjoying all your riding videos, and with this one about women's riding gear, It brought a few questions to mind. What are your thoughts on Textile vs Leather? What's more comfortable for you to wear? Do you feel better protected in one over the other? Do you think there's one materiel that can be worn all year? or would you prefer to mix it up between summer and winter months?

  5. Nice video as always,, Top 3 Motorcycle race suuits for Petite Women please or helmet video 🙂
    i am a big fan of you
    thank you.

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