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48 thoughts on “We’re Still Being Sued

  1. I'm sorry about the comment I made about your hair. I did not mean anything bad by it, there's nothing wrong with your hair. And it does not have to do with stress after all. I'M SORRY! :*(

  2. You're suffering? You make so much money each year, and you have to pay a fourth of your legal costs defending yourself from an infringement of fair use. DISLIKE!

    Bush did 9/11 and i like eating dicks


  3. Wow seeing hila cry kills me dude. Like does that asshole still have a YouTube channel. If I ever meet that guy I will fucking rip his eye balls out with a dull spork.

  4. I had surgery on this day to fix my leg on this date. I can walk now normally, but hey, it pretty much when i found you guys, dealing with my own shit. It sounds bad to say, but watching you guys struggle and fight helped me do the same to walk again. You probably won't see this, but papa bless. You kept me laughing in the worst times. Thank you. Everything is always the worse until you conquer it, and vape nation will!

  5. Hila crying was so awful. I love Ethan, but Hila is just one of my favorite youtube stars ever. I'm so glad you won the lawsuit. Matt Hoss is horrible.

  6. think positive H3H3! that dumbfuck! has lost money too… for absolutely no fucking reason!!!! i hope you guys get some money back from the fuckwit!

  7. Seeing Hila cry tears me up. I’m so glad that these two won the lawsuit, I just pray that I don’t see these two upset again.

    It’s so heartbreaking.

  8. Just when u thought it was over it ended up going on another 6+ months but at the end of that very long day you won, congrats to you and thank you so much for all you did to stand up for yourselfs and in that stood up for all the rest of us on YouTube out here just trying to make videos and have a good time so thanks for all the effort u put in so we all could continue. I realize this comment is way late but i just wanted to say i appreciate ya.

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