Download the full show ***almost 3 hours long*** right now at
Please note that the full show video download is fully produced from top to bottom and includes multiple camera angles for the matches, graphics, in ring promos, vignettes, some backstage footage, as well as picture restoration and colorization, and a remixed soundscape as well. This title is by far the best Dangerous Women of Wrestling video to be released yet, and runs almost three hours long! There is a good amount of footage that has never seen the light of day included as well.

Full Show of “Weapon City” Includes:

Show opens, and has promos and vignettes places throughout the video.
DWOW Live Theme Song performance by Rughead
Lou E. Dangerously of ECW fame makes his presence known
Alexis Laree aka Mickie James vs Lady Storm w/Commissioner Smoke
Jeanie Mae w/The Mae Sisters vs Candie
Full Breasted Italian (Original conception) w/The Nice Guys Hats & Jackets vs Amanda Storm
“Extreme Psycho Warfare” Tai “Killer” Weed vs Psycho Bytch (with guitar shot by The Sound Guy)
“Tag Team Match” Elle & Dawn Mae w/The Mae Sisters vs Alexis Laree aka Mickie James & Candie
Billy Firehawk aka “Fake Rikishi” appears and interacts with the Mae Girls, as someone is getting a stinkface
“The Danger Zone” with Lou E. Dangerously, as he host a “Best Boob Contest” with Missy Hyatt, Jeanie Mae, and “White Trash” Bunny Bush
“First Ever Dangerous Women of Wrestling Women’s World Title Match” Elle Mae vs G.I. Ho, as The Smoke is in G.I. Ho’s corner, and The Sound Guy is in Elle Mae’s corner. This match is crazy, and includes the infamous fluorescent light tube incident.
Ho Jack debuts vs The Smoke and Sound Guy
G.I. Ho jumps off the ring truck
Plus… The Exotic Isis aka Isabella, Bootylicious BJ, Jeffrey J. James, Brian Soscia, and so much more…

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